Blue Cross Temporarily Adds Vision Benefits to Several Fully Insured Plans

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is including vision benefits from Davis Vision* in several of our healthcare plans for a limited time – from Oct. 1 through Nov. 30 – at no extra premium cost to our members!

For two months, members can go to a Davis Vision network provider and get their routine eye exams and Davis Vision Collection contact lenses or frames for free. Most eyeglass lenses will cost only $30. Members can also get a reduced price on glasses and contacts that are not in the Davis Vision Collection.

Taking advantage of these benefits is easy! Members just make an appointment with a Davis Vision provider. You will have to give your Blue Cross ID number and your name and date of birth. Davis Vision will do the rest!

We are adding these temporary vision benefits to several fully insured Blue Cross plans. These include:

  • Individual members with BlueMax, BlueValue, BlueSelect and BlueSaver
  • Group members with GroupCare PPO, PremierBlue and BlueSaver, for employers with fewer than 100 employees enrolled.
  • Group members with PPO, BlueSaver and PremierBlue plans offered through LABI, LADA or LIFA.

These special limited-time benefits do not apply to ASO groups or members with HMO Louisiana. If you are not sure whether these temporary benefits apply to you, call Davis Vision at 1-800-247-9368.

Davis Vision will be sending members more information about these vision benefits soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about other wellness benefits from Blue Cross at


  1. nicholas g bergeron says:

    yes it great an helpful that yaull doing this but it dosent and did not help me call four places to make appointment they all said te same thing not untill december so im one who gone to have to pay to check my eyes.

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